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6 Weeks Online : Poetry in Motion (87h)

A gentle handbook to Composition For Professionals and courageous Beginners

  • Starts 27 Feb 2023
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  • Berlin

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Composition is an art, the art of creating Poetry in Motion. Such an art can be born from an innate talent or can also be learnt and cultivated with a daily base training. A music composer, a painting composer, a sculptor, a film director, a writer, a fashion designer, a chef, a choreographer, a grandmother waking up early in the morning and preparing the menu for the Sunday's family table ... what do they have in common?The aim of this course is to provide theoretical and practical tools, and necessary skills to approach , step by step, an art piece/performance making-process. The central subjects will be acquiring the composer's vision, activating the collector's switch, focusing the composer's lens taking inspirations from everything. By an investigation of ways to create compositions starting from daily life and shifting from the kitchen to the street, to the studio, the participants w