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A Photo/Body Installation Project

Dramaturgy and Dance: Tiziana Longo

Photo by Gabriele Cafici

TERRA MADRE is the first series of a collaborative site-specific project set in Sicily with the Sicilian photographer and architectural designer Gabriele Cafici who has been working for many years on the theme of identity, roots, and  Heimat Land, (Terra Madre). His work between light and shadow, reality and fiction, tells the poetry of life, the passing of time, the folds of existence and dig into the many layers of who we ultimately are, where do we come from.  

The local dimension portraited in a wider anthropological frame evokes emotional states and morphological aspects where the daily life full of habits, costumes, and cultures becomes art through photography.

I have started this collaboration with Gabriele to heighten the hidden wonders of our Land, Sicily, a land full of magical landscapes, raw genuineness, generosity, and volcanic love.  

Dopo tanto tempo si ritorna


e'' la Terra Madre 

Il tocco 

Il  Fuoco dell'Etna 

Il Focolare

Di notte  si spegne armonioso

per rinascere intatto

La mattina

come un fiore


After a long time we return

When the Mother Earth 

The Touch 

The Fire of Etna 

The Hearth

That goes out harmoniously

every time as always 

To be reborn intact

Every morning

like a flower


Nach langer Zeit kommen Sie zurück


die Mutter Erde 

Die Berührung 

Das Feuer des Ätna 

Der Herd

Nachts geht es harmonisch aus

Unversehrt wiedergeboren werden

Am Morgen

wie eine Blume



Photo by Gabriele Cafici

Photographed in the Necropolis of Pantalica, Sicily

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