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When I was 20 I had a car accident and I risked my life.

But I survived.

I lost half of my hair.  

But they grow up again.

I lost all the skin of my face. 

But it healed slowly again.

I always wanted to dance. My body ached. 

But I kept on.

And in the jungle, the tiger in me woke up.

To be a dancer myself and work in the performing art fields brought me to be curious and very much interested in what is in the body and mind.

In my 15 years of being in this field, I met many people. Different nationalities, different backgrounds, different cultures, bodies, and minds.

Each of them unique. And at the same time what I saw in front of my eyes was that they were the same.

Ultimately, everyone in this river of existence, if we leave at its bank's our names,  surnames, etc ...ultimately everyone is same: just a guest in this body, just temporary in this life. 

And we are here, thankfully, because we are born.

We have a body, a mind, and a breath.                         

Behind their connection/disconnection lie our wellbeing/Illbeing. It might happen, at a certain point in life, that connecting all of them becomes difficult. Everything is interdependent between Man and Nature, between humans and humans, and within our body and mind. So if one of those things doesn't function well as result we won't feel well. 

Every day we are exposed to challenges, triggers, stress, attacks, things that threaten our sense of peace. Then we start feeling not integrated, not well in our mind, and not connected to our body. Sometimes we might stop taking care of it and let it collapse.

The thing is that "our" body is neither ours. We will have to return it at the end of our life.

So as we take care of the room when we are guested, the same should happen for this "our" body we have received.

What we need is to find balance, cultivate physical and mental health, and on top self-love.

Self-loving can be also triggering. When we love ourselves too little or too much we won't be really able to live balanced relationships. 

We have a body, a mind, and the breath, and becoming this body/mind/breath and living it it's a journey. Physical, mental, energetic one and ultimately a spiritual.

Spirituality can be mindful but out of body or mindful and 'bodyful'.

What all of my courses are about is re-integration and freedom.

The courses I offer on this page are coming, yes, from many years of studies and knowledge received from all of my amazing teachers, in India, in Istambul/Serbia, in Japan, in Germany, etc.... but these are especially the result of how I have digested them in my personal experience of life, healing, and transformation. 

The only way to reach freedom is one. 

The actualization and experience of it will bring us not to a self-cherishing thought, mind but to inner cherishing that from within will be expanding to without.


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We all breathe.
Breath is what makes us alive. The breath is the ring between mind and body. The way we feel, think to influence our breath, indeed when we fear something or have panic, our breath shortens and becomes rougher, interrupted, our mind scattered.

By training the breath we allow the inhalation and exhalation to melt into each other fluidly.

The exhalation becomes longer, fluid, continuous, slow, and quiet. In this way, we can make the mind calm, relax the body‘s tensions, get the body flexible, reach a status of wellbeing.

In this course, we will train the breath, in many ways and also practices some yoga asanas and pranayama.

The benefit of breathing fluidly are many:

  • integrate body, mind, and emotions

  • Reduce stress

  • Improves the heart and respiratory functions

  • Improve sleep

1 h session 

Individual and groups

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Most of us at least once in our lifetime have felt depressed, broken heart, lost, coming apart in pieces. The reaction was many: frustration, anger, despair, lack of concentration, sleep, health. We have probably experienced such, in the body, in the breath, and in our mind.


The Yoga I have learnt in India from my Teacher Indra and A.G. Mohan, who have learnt directly from Krishnamacharya -considered the father of modern Yoga- is not a mere series of aerobic exercises to be done in the group at the same time with the same breath length. 

It is not about adopting a certain belief, it is not about following a cult, a fashion or fitness training to lose weight.

Yoga means to unite, to link and it is a deep process of re-integration between the body and the mind through our breath. When we experience this we feel re-integrated and clear in our visions; our body and mind from wandering around here and there.


What emerges is a state of radiant health and freedom.

Freedom is not something that only guru and spiritual people can have. 

Because everyone can become his/her own guru and everything is on a certain level spiritual. 

Freedom is an experience within where body, mind, and breath unite.

The method of Yoga is structural and we come to be structurally re-integrated in the mind and aligned in our body and its center.

Then we pass from instability to stability, from

scattered mind to a centered's one. 

And everything starts to be clear and clearly tasting!!

The benefit of yoga are many:

  • integrate body, mind, and emotions

  • Reduce stress

  • Improves the heart and respiratory functions

  • Improve sleep

  • improve flexibility

  • improve posture

  • opening the heart

Prior to a 20 min. free consultation to design a tailor session of 1 h.

Individual session


In the unknown ocean of life which we need to navigate what and where is the helm of our vessel-body?

Static pelvis, dynamic pelvis, danced pelvis, breathed pelvis...

The pelvis is the helm, the center of the body, of stability, of visceral intuition, wisdom; the place where life takes its origin; the place of magic and miracles.

Force absorber, catalyst, the pelvis can function but also disfunction, holding bad memories, blockages...

This workshop is about feeling, rebalancing, reconnecting, and transforming our pelvis. This course is for everyone, for beginners who want to know more about their pelvis, for therapists, pedagogs, people with the stiff/blocked/dis-aligned pelvis, as well as for dancers & professionals in the performing arts.


  • Anatomy of the pelvis and Alignment Yoga for the pelvis

  • Breathing for pelvis

  • Awakening exercises for the pelvic floor

  • Dynamic Anatomy

  • Empowering exercise for the core of the body

  • Embodiment practices

  • Improvisation

The session is 90 min. 


Intensive workshop available for 2,3,5, 10 days














This class is a mix of body-toning and pilates with exercises focused on legs and butt, arms, core, and the whole torso. A gentle way to craft part by part the whole body.

The body is what we inhabit until we die. It is like a shell that we will leave, first or then. Such a body keeps changing continuously and is subjected to live' s impermanence. 

So ultimately there should be nothing to grasp on it since it cannot stay as it is, it changes, grows, blooms, and decay. 

Training inner strength, physical and mental endurance, re-installing a habit of physical health, of re-alignment and starting reinforcing the core, the spine, the legs, giving a tone to the body, part by part, crafting it, shaping it, toning it, reinvigorating it: this is some of the main the goals of this course. 

On top of this the most: Love yourself and find your own unique beauty, which is not outside but inside.

The course is also suggested as anti-depression  

The session is 1 h

Group courses are available with a minimum of 4

3 times a week monthly 

Private coaching available 

Private coach Intensive Training available

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Illustration: Tiziana Longo

T.R.E. (Trauma/Tension Release Exercise Method)

T.R.E. was created by Dr. David Berceli.
One of his great books is "Shake it Naturally".
This is a method of deep relaxation of the body and the mind. It consists of 7 physical exercises which slowly, from the ankles up, serve to release the Psoas Muscle. This relaxation induces involuntary tremors that activate and the lymphatic system and the parasympathetic nervous in a neurobiological process where toxins, tensions, and in certain cases traumas come to be released.
T.R.E. is a simple but profound therapeutic tool.
It heals from within invisibly and it opens to self-love, universal love, and freedom. 

The benefits are many:
-Feeling calm
-Gain more Flexibility
-Emotional Resilience
-Remedy against Stress, Burn-Out, Depression, Fear



- 1 to 1 Individual session at the beginning
- Only 1 session per week 

- 5,6 sessions minimum


Student Testimonials

"I met Tiziana by chance. I started following her classes because with the lockdown I had lost all desire to exercise. The lessons with her are very intense but of gradual difficulty, tailored to all course participants. Although we see each other through a screen, she manages to control the movements and the correctness of the exercises by dedicating time to scientific explanations on how the body works, so as to make it almost impossible to misunderstand the posture and perform exercises incorrectly. I could see the results of working out after just a few weeks, first spiritually and then physically. Thanks to this morning hour that we reserve to spend training together, I have completely overturned my lifestyle and I always look forward to this moment with a lot of desire, because it makes me feel good. I hope to be able to start a course in person soon!"

Giada Puccinelli, Harpist and Architect in Berlin

During the lockdown, I was going through a hard time in which I felt isolated and disconnected from my body. Meeting regularly with Tiziana to train together over Zoom lifted me up and her cheerful nature recharged me with positive energy. Through working with the different muscles in the body, I started to feel more connected with my body. Gaining more control over my muscles also made me feel more confident.


Anahi Tisseghem, Phd-prep student in Buddhist Studies

About TRE sessions with Tiziana...last year around November, I started to follow , by Zoom, her TRE sessions, and from the first one, I was feeling tired but well, after them . Tremors came slowly, at the end of the first session, in the lower body; it took me 4 or 5 sessions to enjoy tremors all over the body. TL is a smart teacher, very smooth and understandable. She really explains clearly, that deep stretching, like the ones she showed me is advisable to be accompanied to be well completed. I'm looking forward to taking more lessons with her.

Michel Dugardyn, Antique dealer in Costumes and Textiles