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ACQUA/Wie die Steine auf dem Grund des Flusses
ACQUA/Come le pietre sul letto del fiume


Concept/Images/Dramaturgy and Dance: Tiziana Longo

Music Composition: Hoshiko Yamane

Installation and Costume: Almyra Weigel

Supported by Bezirksamt Neukölln von Berlin for the Festival an der Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch  

In the frame of the Initiative "Draussenstadt", the project has been selected for the Festival "Uber Wasser"

The toilet facility at the Wildenbruch bridge, transformed by the municipality in a gallery, between the Weingandufer canal and Wildendenbruchplatz is the occasion of the gathering and celebration. The municipality has invited artists to create a project around it with the theme: on the water.

All the events are happening outside and are free of charge.

ACQUA/Wie die Steine auf dem Grund des Flusses is a site-specific performance tailored-suit to Weigandufer Canal next to Wildenbruckplatz.  

The performance itself is an ichi-go ichi-e 一期一会 journey.

One time and only in a lifetime!​


Do you see the flowers?
After such a long, hard period of global pandemic locked up at home: Water! The desire to be reborn and to bloom
Watering our vital forces, our spirit, our existence
like watering flowers
Healing is a slow process
And the river is long

You heal when you decide which boat to take Board it

on the water
It's the water
A floating object moves
It is the object of the dream...
the unconscious floating on the river of consciousness...
We stand in our existence like stones.
The stones of this river seem hard and unfeeling
We lie down in our existence like stones
The stones in this river look hard, but they are by the water formed The water flows through

We are all passed through



Tu li vedi i fiori?

Dopo un periodo di pandemia mondiale così lungo e duro rinchiusi a casa : Acqua! Il desiderio di rinascere e sbocciare
Innaffiare le nostre forze vitali, il nostro spirito, la nostra esistenza

come innaffiare i fiori. Guarire e' un processo lento E il fiume e' lungo

Si guarisce quando si decide che barca prendere Fermi
sull' acqua
E' l'acqua ...
Un oggetto galleggiante si muove
È l' oggetto del sogno...
l' inconscio che galleggia sul fiume della coscienza... Stiamo nella nostra esistenza come pietre
Le pietre di questo fiume sembrano dure e non sentire ma dall' acqua ne sono formate
E' l'acqua che li attraversa


Siehst du die Blumen?
Nach einer so langen, harten Zeit der globalen Pandemie zu Hause eingesperrt: Wasser! Der Wunsch, wiedergeboren zu werden und zu erblühen
Bewässerung unserer Lebenskräfte, unseres Geistes, unserer Existenz

wie Blumen gießen. Heilung ist ein langsamer Prozess Und der Fluss ist lang

Sie heilen, wenn Sie entscheiden, welches Boot Sie nehmen Entschlossenes Klettern
Mit Mut
auf dem Wasser
Es ist das Wasser ...
Ein bewegtes schwimmendes Objekt dem Ort des Geschehens.
Es ist ein Objekt des Traums...
Unser Unbewusstes, das auf dem Fluss des Bewusstseins schwimmt ...
Wir legen uns in unserer Existenz wie Steine hin
Die Steine in diesem Fluss sehen hart aus, aber sie sind vom Wasser geformt Es ist das Wasser, das durch sie fließ

Weigandufer / corner of Wildenbruchstraße

Performed in Berlin, lo Weigandufer/Wildenbruchplatz

Opening by City Councilor for Culture Karin Korte and gallery manager Dorothee Bienert

As part of the Berlin-wide DRAUSSENSTADT initiative, the Culture Department is organizing the “Über Wasser” festival from September 17th to 19th, 2021 at the Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch.

Over the three days, various artists and artist collectives present 14 very different actions and audiovisual performances over the water, at the former ship landing area, around the Wildenbruchpark and on the newly designed Weigandufer. 

In this performance I was injured from 3 weeks ago with a lesion at the Meniscus. But I was there. 

I am thankful to  Bezirk Pankow for the support 

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