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Concept and dance: Tiziana Longo

Supervisor: Ohno Yoshito

One day I went to the library and the diary of Frida Kahlo fell on my head. 

And I met her, Frida. Quite heavily on my head. And it has stayed like that.

Frida was a controversial charismatic painter and human. Involved in the art, in the love, in the politics.

She was courageous and passionate. Sometimes too much.  

I started reading her diary and it was very much resonating in me. 

On that time I was coming out from a serious car accident. 

This was my first butoh performance in Japan at the Ohno Studio.

It was inspired by a serious car accident that I had when I was 20.

At that time my Master, Yoshito, told me: " You have to start from your accident. From where you could have been dead.

From where the light shut down and where it faded in again"

At the Kazuo Ohno Studio, Kamihoshikawain Yokohama, in 2006

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