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Direction, Concept, Choreography, Dance : Motoya Kondo, Tiziana Longo

Music : Hoshiko Yamane

When we deeply love somebody without any reservation, we can totally feel the other with the body physically, as well as with the mind metaphysically. In such an empathic space, the borderline of the self start fading and the dualism in between melting.
What emerges in the “TWILIGHT” is an intermediate state where not only Me and You, but dancers and audience, man and woman, human and animal, life and death, everything and nothing, start blurring into vague forms where all the boundaries, contours, shapes and colours disappear altogether in space and time. A new landscape comes to life, a sacred cave to enter, that functions through the dance as a mirror for the audience to reflect on himself/ herself. The movement that lies behind the strong images and their aesthetics is a polyphonic pure motion, like an unceasing stream, overcoming any ordinary rhythm and choreography and where the real and the mythical intermingle.

This is an invitation to listen back to the physical empathy and to enter the realm of the unseen, beyond consciousness. The piece intends to offer a refuge for contemporary society that is fulfilled with conflicts between individuals, countries, and religions, by connecting back to deep physical reality and to even more profound dream-like transient world. A place where to pray and hope and where imagination, emotions and the inner higher qualities of the human nature come to be disclosed and expanded.

Performed from 2015 to 2019 in Instambul, Maastricht, Berlin, Tokyo, Sydney, Antwerp, Basel

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