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“Me too” 

Concept and dance: Tiziana Longo

How many women have been attacked on 10? And how many men on 10?

It is possible to be attacked in a Tibetan Monastery.

Sometimes, in the churches priests have been abusers. 

It was the father, a grandfather, a family's friend.

An acquaintance man told me that such a thing happen also because of the way I, you, we, were smiling, or moving... 

What do you think? What does your sister think? Your mother? 

When human beings are experiencing any kind of violence, manipulation, trauma, extraordinary powers come to be activated ..

they are happening too quickly while a feeling of being overwhelmed smashed us

It can be extremely difficult to deal with it

And it might take time until it heals... but it will radically be a spiritual transformation 

Performed in Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin, in 2019

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