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Concept, Direction, Dance: Tiziana Longo, Motoya Kondo
Music: Hoshiko Yamane

Everyday we are bombed with news.
In some cases of some country the original news are manipulated by the media and the companies standing behind them.
Everyday the same news comes to be broadcasted from a country to another in different ways, tones and filters according to the politics, which newspaper, radio or TV channel are supporting and the country's policy.
Economical interests, past or present history, and different cultures are going to influence what we are going to listen, to read, to think and project on.
All these news told by words come to be absorbed into the body reaching our mind, generating emotions, thoughts, easy judgments... judging the world without a direct experience of reality, starting from the way things look to me, that most of the time is not how the things are but how I am projecting my emotions or thoughts on them...
But what happens if we take out this mantel of rains of information and projections?

Performed in Tatwerk , Berlin in 2015

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