Butoh is a Japanese Contemporary Performing Art  that was born by Tatsumi Hijikata and cofounded by Kazuo Ohno, an extraordinary dancer who have exported Butoh abroad with his famous piece "La Argentina".

Butoh was born officially withthe first butoh piece staged in 1959 and titled "Kinjiki/Forbidden Colours". The piece was inspired by the famous  novel by Yukio Mishima. 

Last year, the 8th of January,  Yoshito Ohno, the son of Kazuo Ohno, passed away. He was the last living piece of the Japanese contemporary dance called 'butoh', and a beautiful heart. He was my teacher, mentor and butoh father.

I was with him in Japan 5 years. He was the reason why I have learnt quickly Japanese. 

I wanted to understand directly his teachings. 

I have studied with him, translated his workshops in Japan and abroad. I was also working with him as stage assistant and we have danced together. During my time in Japan, as well as his tours abroad, I had the honour to stay by his side. I have observed him and collected his views. He had big visions. He was complaining about how stiff butoh was becoming and its stereotypes of distortion and grotesqueness. He had a great sense of aesthetics and was thinking widely about butoh not just as the Japanese "butoh" but as a container genre to be included officially in the international performing arts scene and in dialogue with its context and the other forms of arts.

His teachings to me were covering not only butoh dance but also directory, dramaturgy, light design, music design and composition.

He and his father loved Pina Bausch. And Pina too.











Pina & Kazuo Ohno 4.4M JPEG.jpg

Photo: Tanaka Seiji

 Pina Bausch & Kazuo Ohno 
Photo: Tanaka Seiji
Pina & Yoshito Ohno 4.5M  JPEG.jpg

Photo: Tanaka Seiji

Pina Bausch & Yoshito Ohno
Photo: Tanaka Seiji

It is my intention to bridge butoh with other performing arts as Yoshito was dreaming and continue further his method and research.

I dedicate to him this website and my work "Come le pietre sul letto del fiume" kindly supported by Distanzen, DachVerband Deutschland and Neu Start Kultur.

"Come le pietre sul letto del fiume: Dramaturgy of breath, gesture, and movement" is a work in progress that will be coming soon.

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Photo: Daito Noken

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Photo: Azumasan

* This section about Butoh is not yet completed. More info will be coming soon

Butoh Weekly classes and Thematic workshops

Students Testimonials

"Tiziana Longo offers an approach and practice that cultivates deep embodied listening, focus and awareness.I am profoundly grateful for the time I have spent with her in the studio, those moments have continued to inform and inspire my dance and life. I would recommend the workshops to anyone who desires to explore the neglected parts of themselves, dive into the dark spaces, and nurture them in movement with tender guidance and through the dance of compassion. "

Amelia Emma Forrest.   Professional Dancer/Performing Artist

"I have known Tiziana Longo for 17 years.  I originally met her in 2004 as a fellow student at the Kazuo Ohno studio near Yokohama.  We reconnected this past year, virtually, when I started taking her online classes. I had known Tiziana as a good friend, a classmate, and a wonderful dancer, but I was happily surprised to find that she has grown into an amazing teacher. 

She has somehow absorbed the lessons of our beloved teacher Yoshito Ohno, and is wonderfully carrying forward his lessons, and preserving that legacy.  I thought maybe I would never gain that knowledge.  But I’m finding that a small handful of people are carrying on his legacy.  It’s a daunting challenge, as Yoshito simultaneously taught kindergarten level and post-graduate level butoh.  He embodied 60 years of this art form.  And I feel that Tiziana maybe understands what Yoshito was trying to teach us as well as anyone.   When you study with Tiziana, you receive so much of that collected wisdom.  I personally feel that she is helping me find some of those many things I still lack.  While she carries Yoshito’s knowledge, she also brings her own sensibility and her own approach to butoh, which is fun, challenging, and which I am really enjoying.  I highly recommend her classes, particularly if you never got to work with the Ohno’s, or like me, did, but need so much more."


Bob Lyness.   Engineer and butoh dancer.  

My very first workshop of Butoh I had was with Tiziana and it was a very good and memorable experience. From that time on I am interested in a Butoh dance very much and I wished I would live in Berlin to take her classes on a daily basis. She is very sensitive and attentive teacher. Thanks her methods I could enter my body very deeply and experience totally new states of my mind and body in a connection to the space.

Eva Urbanova, professional dancer