Dance Composition / Choreography

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Moments from the workshops with Antonia Staerker & Stella Kunzendorf


Photo: Yozy Zhang

Gangsters, 2019  with Antonia Staerker, Johanna Jani and Marylin Mouradian


The Sofa, 5 days workshop with final performance at Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln /Academy of Media Arts Cologne

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Working on the vocabulary of Composition


The Sofa 2, 5 days workshop with final performance at Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln/Academy of Media Arts Cologne


Working on the creation of the choreographer's notebook


Moments from the workshops



*Composition: the art of crafting imagination and intuition 
Module 1/Introduction to composition

Composition is the art of structuring improvisation and crafting intuitions. 
By connecting body and "movements behind the movement", we can activate the intuition and encounter each own sense of beauty and sensibility.

How can I craft all of this through improvisation and convert it into a composition?

In this workshop, we will learn how to cultivate the creative impulse, feed it, and let become a groove or a rut.

I will share my original unpublished choreographic materials: sketches, drawings, directory notes, etc ...

This workshop is suggested for all the professionals in the performing arts, in the visual arts, in music, film, photography, architecture, design, and all the people interested in learning new tools for improvisation, dramaturgy, and composition.

The workshop is structured in 3 weeks, 15 days, 75 hours is open to a maximum of 15 joiners.

The workshop will provide many technical tools and it is a practical workshop although there will be also the theory and video screenings.


-Breathing, Alignment, Body preparation



-Qualities and embodiment

-Introduction to Composition, Improvisation, Dramaturgy

-Physical Exploration of the elements :
-Space, Body, Time, Energy

-Compositional elements: Text, sound, time, rhythm, music, gesture, movement

-Implementing vocabulary
-Cultivating the Improvisational and compositive impulse/habit/motivation

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*Composition: the art of crafting imagination and intuition 

Module 1 / Integration


-Review of Module 2

-Developing the concept


-Performance Project



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*Composition: Plating like Staging


Module 2 Plating like Staging

Plating comes from the "plate" and it refers to the art of serving food on the plate. Plating is the art of composing with the food on the plate and celebrating the meal with joy from the process of selecting the ingredients to "plating", garnishing, and giving them esthetics. This process of assembling, arranging, cutting, editing, and presenting with a final touch of drizzling or so .... is very similar to the process of staging.

The way we arrange, compose and serve the food on our table can become not just a necessity but a journey, a contemplative experience, and a celebration on the table of daily life.
Plating is a spatial experience where space is the most important thing and not food itself.
Like in the art of Ikebana if we can see the space we can see the flower, if we can see the space, we can see the food.
And same, if we can see the space we can see the dance, it will emerge.
As director, composer, and choreographer I will approach the composition process first with the food/plate and then with the body/space This workshop is a contemplative life experience and a celebration.
The workshop is for everyone, artists and non-artists, musicians,
scientists, engineers, medical doctors, officers, everyone, househusbands, and housewives.

All the joiners will be contacted to make some shopping and prepare all the needed food material.




First Day:
-Selecting the space/place
-Selecting the main ingredients
-Selecting the plate to be used
-Selecting the tools, the main ingredients, materials, and garnishing elements
-Drafting the portion of stage/plate and the negative space and then creating the framework
-Highlight the main material/ingredients and balance
-Differentiating the different textures, shapes, and colors of each element
- Try the main techniques of plating
-Forming: cutting possibilities display and finding a Leit-Motif
-Feed your impulse and inspiration
-Find your concept and clarify your vision
-Styling: Abstracting/ Minimalism/ Experimental
-Composing/Choreographing/Plating: dare to find what is sensual and seducing
-Improvise, select and compose
-Storytelling, a poem, the title
-Final Presentation

Second Day:
-Warming up
-BodySpace Capturing
-Embodying practices:
-From the plate to staging
-Storytelling, a poem, the title

-Final Presentation

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*Composition 2: The choreographer's notebook 
Module 3

Coming soon


Students Testimonials

Tiziana has taught me far more than the content covered in class. Her fierce passion, dedication, and loving support have had a big impact on me. She is truly an admirable teacher. 

In class, she takes the time to cover with detail, one theme at a time. She always engages with the subject in a way that depth and meaning are at the root of the work, inviting her students to open themselves to a real shift in perspective. I am so grateful to have the chance to learn from such a beautiful artist.

Miho Inaba, performing artist 

"It’s a rose. This is everything that I have. And I give you it…..  Take it"….

This sentence brought me every time crying.. shouting without any sound, so deeply…

Tiziana's teaching method is so fantastic, so that I’m on a journey, a heartfelt experience. But it’s not relaxation or mild therapy, I have to fight each time! But the very valuable experience for me."

Satoko Shimizu, dance-psychotherapist