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Dramaturgy of movement

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Imagine what is chocolate? 

We all get an idea of it. 

Imagine now what is the difference between just chocolate and Belgian Chocolate.

Imagine the Italian "Lasagne" in general and the Lasagne from Bologna with inside the secret recipe of Bolognese sauce.

Imagine the Japanese Sushi we eat in Europe and the Sushi from Tsukiji Market, in Japan. 

Now what is the difference between motions and movement is something like that.

Motion is just moving from A to B; it refers to a displacement

Movement is motion with qualities. 

One of my work is about studying motions, finding movements, and researching what is behind them.  

The qualities of a movement are vast, fluctuant, and mysterious as our human nature. None of them defines it but it says something about it.

It is my expertise to research such qualities and putting them in a sequel. Once the sequels are connected they form a dance. The art of composing such sequels is called Dance Composition.

Generally, the base of dance composition is Improvisation.

During Improvisation, many unclear movements want to be born by motions. How to cultivate them and give them birth is the work of the choreographer. The choreographer is that person who knows how to guide and structure the Improvisation. 

But what comes before all of this? 

The dramaturgy. 

The word dramaturgy comes from Greek 'dramatourgia', dramaturgy, from drama  ( drama, story) and ergon "work, activity".  Being a Dramaturgist means being engaged in the concept, structure, theory of the piece. The father of Dramaturgy is considered Lessing. 

Movement Dramaturgy refers generally to a dance or a performance piece. 

Movement dramaturgy is the art of dramaturgic dance/ movement composition, the science of composing a dance piece before it takes forms of dance. It is the skeleton of what the Dance Composition/Choreographic work will be. It consists of studying and producing a concept, researching about it, consider also a critical approach, and tailoring the concept to the material available. 

When I work as a dramaturgist of movement I find movements that most of the time don't have a narrative or tell the story but instead speak themself.

In the latest 

1st Footage Rehersals of „Ping_Pong“; short film by Kristina Kean Shtubert WT), 2021 (in post production)


"Come le pietre sul letto del fiume /Wie die Steine auf dem Grund des Flusses/ Like the stones on the bed of the river"
Dramaturgy of breath, gesture, and movement....

Is a work in progress kindly supported by Dis-tanzen, Neu Start Kultur and Dachverband Deutschland


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