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Since I was a child...

Since I was little my mother told me that I loved music and I was moving rhythmically on her arms. Later When I was 5 I started attending dance classes. My first dance was dance of puppet. I was wearing a green headband. Since I started I never wanted to stop. My child-dream was to be come a dancer. Since than I put all of my energies to realize it. Sometimes I was lost and I didn't know where to go or what to do but the strive to live for dancing was always always there with me. Today I am 40. I have lived half of my life, which it was certainly not an easy one until now. But I have lived it fully, intensely and all of the sacrifices and efforts to be who I am now met the wow of what it is such a precious thing which I am here to share with you.

Not just dance as art of form in movements but the pure and deep research of the movement behind the movement and its final outward form.

Ultimately I am not interested in dance forms but in forms of life.

We can say many words to express love but at the end what reaches might be just one.

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